Happy Wheels

About Happy Wheels

Duck Life is a game that is played on your computer browser. It was created by the realistic mind of Jim Bonacci in 2010 and inspired by a need for more realistic consequences from the violence that is created by user play.

Choose your character and mode of transportation then choose features for the character and vehicle of destruction. The graphics in this game are sick and extreme. Each level has its own goal or task to complete and can be completely customized by the participants.

Happy Vex 3 Gameplay

The characters are not at all prepared for the violence that ensues along this crazy, dementedly funny, obstacle course. No matter what they endure, the characters will continue to strive to reach the goal at Return Man 3 game every level. There are no “cookie cutter” graphics going on here. Navigate the level mazes using key board arrows.

How To Play The Game

happy wheels game

Up moves forward and down moves backward, the left and right arrows help keep characters balanced while navigating. Characters will be crushed, shot, decapitated and dismembered, complete with spewing blood. This is definitely not a Run 3 Unblocked game for anyone with a queasy stomach. If you love blood, guts and gore, this is the perfect game for you. Players navigate obstacle courses that combine racing and puzzling mazes. One never knows what will be around the next corner or hiding in the bushes. The bizarre ways in which the characters can be injured leave some hysterical.

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Happy Wheels was created with dark humor and graphics that are just real enough to be addictively funny. The unlimited number of levels and options that can be user generated makes this a great game for anyone who likes some amount of control. Watch as buildings fall, vehicles crash and pedestrians get ploughed over.

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